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What customers are saying about us

As Good As It Gets

As good as it gets for first aid and infections in cuts and burns... great to clean with too. Break it down on pricing you cannot beat it anywhere.

William K., CA

Excellent Value

Isopropyl is the best cleaning agent out there, especially these days, and getting 99% IPA is an excellent value compared to buying lower concentrations, especially in bulk. Thanks from the whole team at Legend Maintenance! :)  

Kate S., IL

Great deal! Even better it is made in the USA!!!

Great price and product! I bought this to support our companies making products in the USA!!  

Tammy M., FL

Bulk USP-grade Isopropyl Alcohol

Made in the USA

US+ Isopropyl Alcohol is proudly made right here in the USA using 100% US materials sourced from leading American pharmaceutical suppliers.

We are committed to making the safest possible products that you and your family can rely on for thousands of repeat uses.