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US+ Healthcare

Families, businesses, and medical facilities across the country rely on US+ Healthcare Products for their critical safety needs.

Putting Your Health FirstTM

America's Isopropyl Alcohol Specialists

We proudly supply hospitals, pharmacies, dentists, eye clinics, research labs, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and other medical facilities nationwide with highest-quality medical-grade IPA. We also supply aerospace and electronics manufacturing, food, cosmetics, and other industries that have specialized IPA applications, as well as schools, businesses and families that use it for its powerful and versatile disinfecting and cleaning properties.


If you have a specialized IPA request, please contact us for a custom quote. From milliliters to truckloads in any concentration, grade, and packaging, we will be happy to provide a solution for your Isopropyl Alcohol requirements.


Families, businesses, and medical facilities across the country rely on US+ Healthcare Products for their critical safety needs.

Our products are manufactured exclusively in Connecticut using 100% US materials.  We use only high-purity medical-grade alcohol sourced from the leading US pharmaceutical suppliers. Our dedicated manufacturing facility is FDA-registered and overseen by our own team of researchers. We're working 24/7 to keep our products in stock and shipping daily. You can count on us to keep your family safe.

What customers are saying about us

As Good As It Gets

As good as it gets for first aid and infections in cuts and burns... great to clean with too. Break it down on pricing you cannot beat it anywhere.

William K., CA

Excellent Value

Isopropyl is the best cleaning agent out there, especially these days, and getting 99% IPA is an excellent value compared to buying lower concentrations, especially in bulk. Thanks from the whole team at Legend Maintenance! :)  

Kate S., IL

Great deal! Even better it is made in the USA!!!

Great price and product! I bought this to support our companies making products in the USA!!  

Tammy M., FL

Bulk Medical-grade Isopropyl Alcohol

Proven Disinfecting Power

Medical-grade Isopropyl Alcohol is a powerful disinfectant proven through decades of use in hospitals worldwide and recommended in the latest CDC, FDA, and World Health Organization guidelines for the COVID-19 public health emergency.

The CDC recommends using products with 70-95% alcohol and states: "Laboratory data demonstrate that formulations in the range of alcohol concentrations recommended by CDC inactivate SARS-CoV-2," the virus that causes COVID-19.

Wholesale Solutions

Keep your school, business, or organization safe with protection you can trust. We'll put together a plan to keep your team protected with a secure, uninterrupted supply. Contact us for a quote.

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Supporting Our Community

We donate our products to institutions in need, including medical facilities, child protection centers, and frontline workers. Thank you to everyone who is working to keep us safe!

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Made in the USA

US+ Isopropyl Alcohol and sanitizer products are proudly made at our dedicated FDA-registered manufacturing facility in Connecticut using 100% US materials sourced from leading American pharmaceutical suppliers.

As a family-owned company, we are committed to making the safest possible products that you and your family, including children, can rely on for thousands of repeat uses.